Monday, May 24, 2010

Thai Artisan bags inspired by Thai Hill tribe

Thai Patchwork handbag

Thai Artisan tote bag in contrast color style

Thai Artisan tote bag in monotone color

It has been said that the Lisu tribe of Thailand is perhaps one of the best looking tribes amongst the tribes of their region and they tend to think of themselves as a little bit above their neighbors. They are the among the least bashful of the small ethnic groups. This natural flair for fashion and attention to esthetics has inspired beautiful works of fine craftsmanship in bags as colorful as the people of this small hill tribe.

From the hills of Thailand to fashionable, beautiful ladies across the world. For those of us who are naturally a bit more colorful than our neighbors these bags shout out for us, “Hello! Look at me I am unashamedly hot.“

These bright, colorful bags are finely crafted with great attention to detail. Row upon row of brightly colored, hand stitched small pieces of cloth shows the time and energy which was devoted to the creation of this artisan handicraft. Furthermore each is as unique as the people who use them. They are sure to be a hot summer fashion item when all the lovely ladies need something original and colorful to carry their goodies to the beach.

This coming summer, vivid ethnic inspired tote bags are really hot. As you can see from some celebrities carry the vivid handicraft bags. The bags made out of colorful fabric and add some vintage silver coin to expose the look of ethnic inspired

Celebrities with vivid ethnic inspired handbag

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