Monday, March 29, 2010

To be continue from the last episode of tie dye experimenting

How to choose the tie dye color for garment is one of the topics you need to concern. The background colors that are using for tie dye clothing is somehow have to complement the tie dye pattern color. Either monotone or contrast color is all good depends on the concept and the outcome look you want to get. For the tie dye dress in this spring/summer collection I use secondary color like purple, brown, green as a background. Analogous colors and Complementary colors is some of the color theories I use for the color scheme.

The same concept of tie dye on voile in green short dress

The tie dye summer long dress in brown

Monday, March 22, 2010

Experimenting of new material with tie dye technic

Again this is a first quick sketch of the idea. Like I mentioned before about how important of drawing skill. It really helps.

The first quick sketch

This tie dye long dress made of 100% cotton at the top part and 100% silk voile at the bottom part. It was a new experiment of tie dye on silk voile. I haven't seen much of tie dye on silk voile, just because the character of silk voile is very thin and sheer. It is easy to tear apart, So that's why we are not really see tie dye on silk voile or even any other kinds of sheer fabric. But I really like the look of te combination. It gives the feeling of spring and summer look and touch. the purpose of using contrast fabric because I don't what to make it look too solid and plain so that's why the reason I added on light material at the bottom.

Tie dye on the new combination of solid and see-trough material

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Just a short story of How I begin with an idea of my design

This is a fit sample that I tried it on and it fit okay. So then after this we sent it to tie dye department. But the fit sample actually changed after we tie dye it because the tie dye and wash process actually made the garment shrink. So From my lesson I suppose to dye the garment before I fix the fitting.

Fit sample before tie dye

This is how I come out with a rough idea. It was actually a quick sketch. I did it when I was waiting for the flight. I still believe that drawing skill is the most important thing to present your idea, even it was just a quick sketch. I know now everywhere is using a computer graphic presentation for a Fashion design. But don't forget to keep praticing your drawing skill.

The first rough sketch for the short dress

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Begining of LML Fashion Destination

I tried to create the sexy look at the back by connected the braided front strap and created the line in the back.

The Back Detail

After I fix some of the error details. It came out perfectly what I want and the fitting is perfectly fit on body

Tie dye Balloon shape short dress in green

I actually fixed the pattern of the tie dye balloon dress after it came out not actually what I want.

Fixing the pattern

I think the blouse actually look better on model than mannequin. Since the material is 100% viscose, the nature of fabric is pretty light weight and fall down. So it is totally look godd when you actually wear it.
Also comes in Lavender

The Casual Tie Dye Blouse With Detail On Shoulder

I still Have some Problem with the back neck pattern. They just didn't come out perfectly fit.
Is anyone have some thought on this???
The Back Detail

I like this design of flower handwork tank top, a casual look but also good for formal and clubbing. They are really comfortable and also have a sexy scoop back.

The Flower Handwork Tank Top In Lavender

First Design of Spring/Summer 2010 for Kathmandu Imports