Monday, June 14, 2010

Here again some new tie dye look

This new tie dye look is something different from the design that I talk about earlier. Most of the tie dye clothing I have shown before was the tie dye on black background. But the good combinations of tie dye colors are look really interesting on white background too. Also this tie dye technique is look more abstract like painting on the white canvas.

Long sleeve tee tie dye

Long dress tie dye

Tie dye tank top

80s Revolution Dress design

Back view

By use of lines and shapes tied in with the garment structure and pattern we can accentuate features. The manipulation of the center dart can create the heart shape on the bodice with the open lapel. The center pleat skirt complements the v shape torso. The use of matching v shaped straps on both front and back of dress ties the entire pattern into a cohesive design.

The ability to alter the dress into three different looks shows the versatility of this design according to how we wish to wear it. The use of full skirt design pattern creates the peplum which is inspired by the eighties look. Alternately the peplum can be removed to expose the designs of the pleated skirt underneath. Finally the peplum can be worn over the shoulder as a cape for evening wear.

The choices of how to wear 80s revolution dress

The eighties revolution dress is inspired from the clothes of the 1980’s period. By using textile patterns and materials of that age we help to express the feeling and the style of that era. This period’s use of pegged skirts with peplum is mimicked in the revolution.

Fit sample

The use of asymetrical with Lisu inspired garment

Asymmetrical line Lisu inspired design

The use on asymmetrical lines in the patterns of the clothing helps our eye see what is perfect in imperfections. The non symmetry at first looks like a flaw, but upon closer inspection it can be deduced that the asymmetry is designed on purpose. As each of us individuals on this planet are made perfect by our little flaws and imperfections so is the clothing we will wear that is designed to be a little bit off the ordinary path. The minor imperfections by design are there to show us how we are all created perfect because of our imperfections.

Asymmetric Stripe Sweater Dress from Alexander McQueen’s $1,665

ASOS Asymmetric Stripe Knitted Dress

Lisu inspired garment

The use of asymmetrical designs and wrap dresses accented with bright strips of colorful cloth will be the main features of this line.
LML designs intends to blend Lisu hill tribe dress styles with current trends in fashion.  By using textile patterns and distinctive multiple colored trimming from the Lisu with modern designs and fabric LML will create a hybrid fashion trend for the woman of this age who wants to stand out and be noticed.  The use of solid plain colors such as white and black with multiple colored trimming to accent the clothing will optimize contrast to let the colors shine.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lisu costume inspired outfit

Clothing designs inspired by the Lisu hill tribe should be as bright and colorful as the Lisu people. They are an animated and bold people whose clothing is lively, bright and designed to catch the eye. They are known for the highly intricate bands of brightly colored cloth strips that are applied to the ladies clothing as armbands and accent pieces.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Lisu: Northern Thai hill tribe

Villages of this colourful ethnic group are originally from southwest China. They can be found in China, India, Myanmar. A few drifted into North Thailand from Burma [ Kengtung ] and can now be found at Fang, Mae Hong Son, Sukhothai Tak, Khampaeng Phet, Phayao, Lampang and Chiang Rai. Lisu’s women wear brightly colored blue or green colored striped tunics, split up the sides to the waist, a wide black belt and blue or green pants.

Lisu's costume

Textile and pattern's detail

Thai Artisan bags inspired by Thai Hill tribe

Thai Patchwork handbag

Thai Artisan tote bag in contrast color style

Thai Artisan tote bag in monotone color

It has been said that the Lisu tribe of Thailand is perhaps one of the best looking tribes amongst the tribes of their region and they tend to think of themselves as a little bit above their neighbors. They are the among the least bashful of the small ethnic groups. This natural flair for fashion and attention to esthetics has inspired beautiful works of fine craftsmanship in bags as colorful as the people of this small hill tribe.

From the hills of Thailand to fashionable, beautiful ladies across the world. For those of us who are naturally a bit more colorful than our neighbors these bags shout out for us, “Hello! Look at me I am unashamedly hot.“

These bright, colorful bags are finely crafted with great attention to detail. Row upon row of brightly colored, hand stitched small pieces of cloth shows the time and energy which was devoted to the creation of this artisan handicraft. Furthermore each is as unique as the people who use them. They are sure to be a hot summer fashion item when all the lovely ladies need something original and colorful to carry their goodies to the beach.

This coming summer, vivid ethnic inspired tote bags are really hot. As you can see from some celebrities carry the vivid handicraft bags. The bags made out of colorful fabric and add some vintage silver coin to expose the look of ethnic inspired

Celebrities with vivid ethnic inspired handbag