Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More about Rocker lether cuffs

Assortment leather cuffs

Leather cuffs have been around since ancient times when warriors would adorn themselves with leather to provide a light armor for their wrists and forearms. Modern day Leather cuffs are much more stylish and are obviously meant for fashion as opposed to protection. They do still evoke a more romantic era as they appeal to our primal side of fashion sense.
The leather makes us look and feel tougher and sexier. Whether your fashion statement is woven leather bands, patterns or leather with metal accents, the cuffs will make you stand out in the crowd. Can you imagine Conan the Barbarian without his leather cuffs on? Absolutely not! They make him a bit more rugged and believable. The same is true of the modern day Rock star. The leather and metal studs complete the ensemble for the rock star.
The organic and natural aspect of this fashion piece is another appeal. The leather will mold to your arm and soften with time until it feels like it is an extension of your body. It is a perfect compliment to any outfit that is a bit edgy and trendy.

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