Monday, March 22, 2010

Experimenting of new material with tie dye technic

Again this is a first quick sketch of the idea. Like I mentioned before about how important of drawing skill. It really helps.

The first quick sketch

This tie dye long dress made of 100% cotton at the top part and 100% silk voile at the bottom part. It was a new experiment of tie dye on silk voile. I haven't seen much of tie dye on silk voile, just because the character of silk voile is very thin and sheer. It is easy to tear apart, So that's why we are not really see tie dye on silk voile or even any other kinds of sheer fabric. But I really like the look of te combination. It gives the feeling of spring and summer look and touch. the purpose of using contrast fabric because I don't what to make it look too solid and plain so that's why the reason I added on light material at the bottom.

Tie dye on the new combination of solid and see-trough material

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