Monday, June 14, 2010

80s Revolution Dress design

Back view

By use of lines and shapes tied in with the garment structure and pattern we can accentuate features. The manipulation of the center dart can create the heart shape on the bodice with the open lapel. The center pleat skirt complements the v shape torso. The use of matching v shaped straps on both front and back of dress ties the entire pattern into a cohesive design.

The ability to alter the dress into three different looks shows the versatility of this design according to how we wish to wear it. The use of full skirt design pattern creates the peplum which is inspired by the eighties look. Alternately the peplum can be removed to expose the designs of the pleated skirt underneath. Finally the peplum can be worn over the shoulder as a cape for evening wear.

The choices of how to wear 80s revolution dress

The eighties revolution dress is inspired from the clothes of the 1980’s period. By using textile patterns and materials of that age we help to express the feeling and the style of that era. This period’s use of pegged skirts with peplum is mimicked in the revolution.

Fit sample

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